Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Review Days 229 & 230 Fruitarian

Weekend Review of Days 229 & 230 Fruitarian. Interesting weekend. Let me begin by saying my wife made some unleavened crackers of the type we use for our home communions. i partook of some of that. Thus i have changed my title from "100%" Fruitarian to simply "fruitarian". The non-raw, non-fruit item was by no means a large part of my weekend fare as i ate an abundance of watermelon, peaches, nectarines, canteloupe, grapes, tomatoes and of course bananas.. But i just want to be fair to those following the blog and give an accurate account of what is going on with me.

As i blogged earlier, i stayed home for the Sabbath and had a quiet day. Well, semi-quiet. My body was suddenly bursting with energy, so that i could not keep still. i ended up having a wonderful time, reading, praying and doing one armed pushups all over the i didn't keep count of how many i did, but i learned something about how to strengthen my body to do them. i simply would lean on either a window sill or the kitchen counter at about a 45 degree angle with the floor and push off with one arm. i did this all afternoon as i was online fellowshipping with some believers and studying a dvd entitled "Total Onslaught" by Dr Walter Veith. i highly recommend it to all Christians seriously interested in the Present Truth. My knee is about 80% and feels great. i hope to be at full strength in about a week.

Now i would like to preface the next series of statements by saying, i am not a prophet. But i am a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. i cannot deny that at certain times i have felt the power of the spirit of God upon me as i am sure many christians have as well. Also, i have gotten very strong impressions about what i am to say to the people i teach and preach in front of. This weekend was like that. Fruitarianism, has greatly enhanced this process, as my mind is so much clearer and i am more sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit. The Spirit gave me two messages for the people of God this weekend which i shared and will share again in part this coming weekend. The first was called "What is Babylon?" and the second "Sorcery". i can say this, the newest health care proposals from our elected officials are about more than just medical benefits. i did not record the "Sorcery" message, but by God's grace will do so as i will repeat it this weekend. The "Babylon" message is mostly for those who have an understanding of the Three Angels Messages (those who understand them will know what i am talking about). The "Sorcery" message is for everyone. As always, they will be available free to any who request them by emailing us a mailing address.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program already in progress.

i did notice that the energy came back with much power when i eliminated the peanuts. This is strange though as i also remember the serious burst of energy i received when i first partook of them. At this point i am concluding that i simply over-indulged. i still feel the peanut is a good thing, but its not something to eat all the time and definitely not in abundance. For alittle while at least though, i will leave them alone. When i awoke on sunday morning, it was pouring rain. So i decided to workout indoors. Well, i had not choice since my energy level would have me climbing the walls...LOL. i did 450 pushups, including 100 one armed pushups (50 each arm), 30 tricep presses, 60 one leg squats (40 on the injured leg). This is the first time in my life i can do that many one armed pushups. i love them because they also work the injured knee and the abdominals very well.

i didn't do the squats with the door handle as they caused pain to the knee and i didn't want to risk re-injury. So i did, as it were, the free-standing version which of course was really a partial squat on the injured leg. But i am happy to be doing them! i am still blown away at the speed at which my knee is healing and recovering strength. Fruit is a great blessing!

i hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Grace and Peace be multplied.


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