Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010......Day 158

Day 158 of the Fruit Feast. i had a terrible detox last Friday that lasted thru Sabbath. i was feverish and could not sleep at all. i had little appetite, but i felt like drinking alot of juice (which i did). i drank at least a couple of gallons of fruit juices over the weekend. i feel back to 100% today. Thank the Lord it did not stop my workout progress as i have done over a 1000 push ups and 240 chins in the last two days. i went out Monday and played ball with my son in the heat and humidity and that felt fantastic. Today i am back to feeling strong and fit. By God's grace i believe i will reach 6000 push ups in four weeks by the end of this week. There is an extra week in June this year so i am not sure how to handle that. My goal for this month was 5000 push ups and 1000 chins so i will surpass both of those (in fact i already have as of today).

Our garden is growing nicely and i look forward to see how the produce comes out. The electric fence is keeping the deer and rabbits at bay. i am hoping the watermelon comes out as i am really into them at this stage of my raw journey. Melons and juices are at the top of my list right now, but i am also enjoying the mixing of crushed nuts and nut sauces with vegetables. Yesterday i had some crackers made from such a mixture.

i am enjoying the study of the scriptures as we have started studying Revelation again. Its wonderful how the Saviour lets His servants know what will happen before it does. We are living in very interesting times indeed.

Today, i have not yet had dinner, but i will post what i have eaten so far.

Breakfast: 56oz of fruit juice (mango-watermelon-cantaloupe). 4 raw burgers my wife made (shouldn't have eaten that this morning).

Spiritual bread: Read Revelation 1-3, Ephesians 4-20-22, Job 32-33.

Exercise: 600 push ups, 120 chins, 1 hour.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.