Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 198, 100% Fruitarian.

Wednesday, Day 198, 100% Fruitarian. Fell off the salt wagon today. It happened while i was preparing my pate for lunch. My son was cooking next to me. He had opened a can of black olives and they were sitting in front of the chopping board i was using. They were inticing so i popped a couple in my mouth, then a handful and pretty soon i had eaten most of the can. i dropped 5 or 6 of them into the pate and just enjoyed it with my salad. i then munched on some green olives as well ("why not?" i thought, "might as well enjoy it"). i am not sure how to proceed though. While i remembered my addiction, i felt absolutely no guilt at all. i went out and played basketball with my son and was full of energy. In fact i felt like i could do some calistenics afterwards but opted not to to avoid over-training. Which i had done recently (more on that in a moment). i had some questions in my mind. Shall i just start over salt-free the next day or just move forward with fruitarianism and include some salt? i am still not sure at this point, but i truly know for sure that time and prayer will reveal what should be done. For now, i decided that i will keep the olives in my dietary repertoire and add some braggs to some non-sweet dishes, then take it from there. i felt no guilt whatsoever having eaten the olives, but i was concerned regarding the salt. Anyways, we move on.

i discovered this old exercise last week. It is a type of bodyweight tricep press. i started using it last week as i believe it can be a great aid in my quest for the muscle-up (which is progressing slow by the way, but i am being spoiled by this diet as far as dramatic physical progress). i started using my window sill at first, placing my palms on the window sill. Then stepping back until my body was in a position like superman flying, almost parallel to the floor. Then i collasped my elbows and pressed back up with my triceps. What a workout. But went overboard (as i am wont to do at times). i did this just about everyday last week. By about the fourth day, i knew i needed to give it a rest as my triceps were toast, but i did it anyways for about 50 reps. My arms were so done that i was out of commission for a week, until today. i did play some basketball, but without my bodyweight calistenics it was like i didn't exercise at all. But i was able to get back to it today. i only did 3 sets of 5 of them today along with other exercises. i am getting closer to the muscle up with the inclusion of this exercise. That may be part of the reason i pushed myself alittle too much last week. But i have to be careful, because i hate setbacks like that. Especially since with alittle wisdom they can be avoided.

Here is now the day went:

Half a watermelon, 16oz of fresh oj. (901 calories).

tomato-cucumber salad with pate and black and green olives. (1009 calories).

Half a watermelon, 16oz of fresh oj, 3 mangos. (1305 calories)

Snack: 4 oz of green olives. (164 calories).

35 minutes, 72 chins/pullups, 170 pushups, 40 one leg squats (each leg), 15 tricep presses.

90 minutes of basketball.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.