Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 165, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Friday, Day 165, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Ate well today. It was a beautiful spring day here in southern Virginia. We had been getting alot of rain lately, but we needed it. My quads are sore today from yesterday's squat workout. i only wish i had known about these one leg squats years ago. Better late than never. It is a day of spiritual preparation for me, as i am a Sabbath keeper. This week we are staying home and having company over for home worship. We are planning on picnicking at a state park. i am looking forward to it. i love the restfulness and peace of it. This has been some month, lots of drama and intrigue. But the Lord has brought me through it all. He is better to me than i deserve and i am thankful and feeling extremely blessed and fortunate. Today i had planned on doing some dips at the park and then some isometric chin exercise. i wanted to focus on the part of the chin where my chin goes over the bar. But i forgot my gloves. i don't like the feel of those callouses in my hands, so i just did dips today. Good thing because i didn't realize how sore my muscles were and i realized that dips was about the only thing i could do anyways..LOL. i was able to take my son to the mall and get him and i some new basketball sneakers. i love shopping with my children. It is a sweet joy. Here was today's menu:

half a watermelon, 3 mangos, 2 valencia oranges. (1200 calories)

almond pate with tomato-cucumber salad. (517 calories).

2 mangos, 7 valencia oranges, one avocado (973 calories).

Exercise: 10 sets of dips......70 total....25 minutes.

Have Wonderful Weekend!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.