Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16. 2010....Day 31

Day 31 of the Fruit fast. i ate a third meal today. i wanted to see if i could get along with two, but after an intense workout this evening i was really hungry. The problem was, i ate at 11pm; not good. Even if it is all fruit i want to practice being temperate in all things. So i think i will have a third meal when i think i need one, especially as my fruit-driven energy makes my workouts more intense. As i have seen in other long term fruitarians, eventually i expect to need to eat less as my body becomes more efficient. But this is only my second year really seeking out Fruitarianism so i probably need a couple of more years until that's the case (i think). i don't expect the third meal to be anything heavy though. Oranges, orange juice, watermelon or its juice would probably be my choices at this time. Also, today i didn't have an avocado as i didn't think i needed one. i find the avocado a nice 'training-wheel' type of support during the early process of Fruitarianism. i am not intending on completely dropping it by any means right now. That again, is probably something that my body will naturally tell me to do as i continue on this path. One of the many things i have learned over the last year is that the process of becoming a Fruitarian is just that----a process. It takes time and i believe for me, rushing into it would be reckless. During the process, i must allow my body and the Holy Spirit to guide me at each stage. i believe these two work in perfect harmony. Harmony between my body, my mind and the Holy Spirit in this process is important to me. Science is not very important at all to me. This is why some well-meaning people suggest things based on what they have learned scientifically which i may not appear to have a desire to follow. i move as i am led to move. Some raw vegans totally depend on science and believe Bible-based faith is a joke. Actually, i respect their choice. But for me its visa versa. This Fruitarian move is a very spiritual thing to me and i treat it as such as i walk by faith.

2 Corinthians 5:7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

My workouts lately have been lighter on volume and more on intensity. Today i did a lighter workout (resistence-wise) that included more cardio but did it in 40 minutes. i wanted to do it in 30 minutes but hey, one step at a time.

Today's activities:
25oz celery-apple juice, half a mini-watermelon (a mini watermelon is about 7lbs), 5 bananas.

Dinner: 32oz OJ, 5 oranges, 5 bananas.

Midnight snack: half a mini-watermelon, dried plantain (home-made, delicious), 2 bananas.

Spiritual Bread: Joshua 21-24

Exercise: 75 weighted step hops, 45 1-leg squats, 30 chins, 30 handclap pushups.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.