Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010........Day 129

Day 129 of the Fruit Feast. Had a very fattening and delicious dessert today. Not something i would do all the time but it was a good treat. i cut up some strawberries and cantalope put that in a bowl. Then i made some topping with crushed almonds, dates and raisins. Then i topped that with a cashew creme. Really delicious, but definitely not guilt free. It was a nice change of pace though. It was a rainy day today, showers on and off, but it flew by (don't all days?). i have noticed that, in the mornings i really only want juices and/or melons. They seem more gentle on my system after breaking the night fast. My push up regiment is going quite well. For the last two weeks i have had a couple of sessions where i was blessed to knock out 500 along with 120 chins and do it under an hour. The goal for the month of May was 4500 and i have 4800 now with a couple of workouts to go yet. i will break 5300 for this month. The goal for June is 5000 (i am increasing by 500 each month). i want to do 8000 for the month of December but at the rate i am going now, i may get 10,000 for December. We'll see.

i am struggling alittle bit in the chins but i will meet my goal of 1000 for the month (i am on pace for 1200). If i can do another 1200 for June i will be happy. i would like to increase them by 100 per month with the goal of doing 1800 chins in December. Again, we will see. i want to eventually have goals for the squat and pistol as well, but i am still working on the rudiments of the exercises. Seems like i cannot do legs more than twice per week and still be able to walk so my legs need more work. All glory, honor, blessing and power to the Father in Heaven and to the Lamb!

Breakfast: Half a 20lb watermelon.

Lunch: Quarter of the above watermelon, 36oz of cantalope-mango-orange juice.

Dinner: Fruit crisp with cashew creme topping.

Spiritual bread: Hebrews 12-13

Exercise: 500 push ups, 120 chins, 48 minutes.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.