Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010........Day 110

Day 110 of the Fruit Feast. i had a terrible toothache all night and all day today. The pain was so intense i could basically do nothing but lay down and try to hold my face. This caused me to also have a splitting headache. Add this to the fact that my legs were so sore from the prior days workout, i could barely walk. In short, i was in bad shape. Now the first time i got this toothache was about a month or so ago (as reported in my journal). At that time i figured the so-called lo-sugar, no sulphur dried mango i ate combined with the dates were the culprit. But i have had a couple of episodes since then (although none like this)  not having eaten those things and my wife observed that the common theme in all of them was........Durian. i had to admit, each time i had pain in my gums it was after partaking of durian (including the first time). Perhaps its the irradiation they undergo on the way here, perhaps its just detox in my system (i had been eating durian since over a year ago with no ill affects until now), perhaps its a combination of things. But for a little while (a very little while), i will leave the durian alone. This week i had it 3-4 times. i bought five of them at the end of last week. i had eaten four of the delicious fruit and still have one in my freezer. Well, there was some good news in all of this.

My mouth continued to plague me all day into the late afternoon. i had only had some juice in the morning and could not think of eating after that. But about 5pm i started to get hungry so i decided on a non-sweet fruity salad with celery juice. It was about 6pm. By 6:30pm all the mouth pain was completely gone!  i strongly believe it was the celery juice although it could have easily been the tomatoes or the cucumber. i mean the pain began to subside about 15 minutes after i started eating and i felt it going away. i was so glad to finally be pain free that i drank another 4oz glass of celery juice later. The stuff is magical for me.

So that gives me ammunition for the next time i eat Durian. In a previous life, when i was still eating beef i used to get an upset stomach if i ate a large steak or too many hamburgers. The only thing that would relieve me was eating raw celery stalks. Now in a new life i find the celery is still a good medicine for me.

After dinner i was able to crank out 400 push ups and 100 chins in about 45 minutes. i was moving alittle slower and actually felt like vomiting but i pushed forward (no pun intended). Afterwards, i was glad to get in the workout after such a painful day.

Breakfast: 32oz of cantaloupe juice

Lunch: non-sweet fruity salad with celery juice.

Dinner: 4oz of celery juice. 36oz of OJ.

Spiritual bread: 2 timothy

Exercise: 400 push ups, 100 chins. 45 minutes. (Praise the Lord i have done 1400 push  ups this week along with 322 chins and 220 squats, not including split squats and assisted pistols). i really want to up the leg work so that my legs get used to it.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.