Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Review Days 201 & 202, 100% Fruitarian

Weekend Review of Days 201 & 202, 100% Fruitarian. Ok, its been four days since i ate salt and my weight has not moved. This does not surprise me, since i figured it would take at least a couple of weeks to undo the damage done. From compariing notes with a long term Fruitarian friend of mine, it appears that the longer a body goes without salt in the diet, the more sensitive the body is to salt. This may explain what happened to me on Saturday night. We had a raw potluck on the 4th, 25-30 people came (our biggest crowd yet). This was partially due to the fact that i was speaking in the basement as part of the venue. i was on my feet all day. By the end of the day both of my legs had swelling in them from the thighs down to the calf. Never in my life had i had anything like this happen to me before. It was as if the excess water decided to settle in my legs. My right knee was very swollen and it was painful. It was the same knee i injured several months ago but i had not had any issues with it, until now. By sunday morning the swelling from the water subsided but the right knee was still puffy. It was a rainy day all day so i wasn't going out anyways and it gave me an opportunity to rest it. i did do about 8 sets of one armed pushups and tricep presses with the window sill, but i rested the legs.

Speaking of one-armed pushups; i decided to place a focus on them this week in order to develop more power for the muscle-up. They also give the core an excellent workout. Anyways, that swelling in the legs was totally weird. i ate very well all weekend. Even had a whole durian on sunday (yummy). i must have eaten about 12 mangos this weekend, plus two whole watermelons. Like i said, i ate very well. The raw potluck and presentation on the 4th went famously well. What an excellent way to witness!

i am going to start running again as soon as the knee swelling subsides as i want to get this water out of me as quickly as possible. One thing for sure, no more salty olives.....LOL.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.