Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Review.... Days 41-43

Weekend Review of Days 41-43 of the Fruit Feast. This was some weekend. Very high spiritual feast. Also very high fruit feast. i ate 3 whole durians. i don't think i have ever had that much over a 3 day period. Delicious! On the Sabbath we had a tremendous Raw Remnant fellowship. The presentation was copied on video and hopefully it will be ready for distribution for those on our mailing list in a couple of weeks. Folks were encouraged in Christ and those who have not met Him were convicted by the Spirit and given hope in Christ. There were tears of joy and lots of laughter. There was prayer and communion in the Spirit. There was lots of delicious raw food and fruit. It was literally all good.

i was also able to obtain a couple of fruits i have been wanting to try. i got some tarmarind. i did not realize it would be such a hit with some of our brothers and sisters. i got it on Friday and had some. It is very sweet, but not juicy. Like a candy really as its pasty. It was pretty good. But on Sabbath i found out it was a favorite of some of our brethren. It was all gone before the end of the day (lol). On sunday i went to the Asian Market in Greensboro (SuperGMart). i was able to get some mamey sapote and sapodilla. Neither of them is ripe and i suspect they will need at least a week (maybe more) before they are ready to eat. i also got some longan, which i had never eaten before. Quite good. Small, juicy and sweet. The dry brown exterior is somewhat deceptive as the contents is juicy and grape-like in its substance. Has a sort of musky flavor to me. i like it. i also got more durian as well as a couple of varieties of mango.We enjoyed some sugar cane this weekend as well.

For dinner on Sabbath all i needed (or wanted) was a 32oz glass of liquid sunshine (aka fresh squeezed orange juice) and a durian. The durian was really good. In fact that was my dinnner on Friday also. It was slightly altered on Sunday as i had some sorrell, some longan and a durian. Sorrell is a West Indian drink made from its namesake herb, ginger and lemon juice. One of the mothers of the Body of Christ made me a large batch.

i had a good workout on Friday morning, rested on Sabbath and was so busy that i did not workout on Sunday. i will catch up though, Spiritual feasts like this weekend more then make up for a missed workout. All honor and glory and blessing and praise to the Father in heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ His Son.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.