Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 182, 100% Fruitarian

Monday, Day 182, 100% Fruitarian. Mondays are usually light days for me workwise. This was the case today. So i came home early enough to go out with my son and play some basketball. The weather was perfect as it was in the high 70s. Not too hot, not too cold. Had a tremendous time and a good workout. Afterwards i did some dips and chins. Felt so good afterwards. It was strange in that, even though i was drenched in sweat and had a great workout, after my shower i felt so fresh like i could immediately go and do it all again. This lifestyle is something else. i ate well today although again, because i am drinking lots of water, i didn't eat as much. Both my wife and i have already noticed a diminished scent on the urine front. We'll see as i continue. My wife mentioned the "churchianity" quote i blogged earlier on her face book page. She got much more response than she bargained for....lol. People feel very strongly about their churches. i have found you can find out what is really a person's god when they feel that god is threatened.

For example, when one says "i don't eat flesh foods or animal foods", with a group of flesh eaters, you will get some very strong and sometimes harsh responses. As anyone who has done this can attest. Its because the flesh foods is a god to many, to others its just their belly. Mentioning you have discarded their god offends the worshipper. Or if one says, "It would be better for you if you left candy alone". To the sweetooth, you just declared war. Its the same with people and their churches. If one says, "i don't believe in denominations", the denominated peoples will rise up (as they did). i like things simple. Me, my Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Its not complicated, its sweet and it works well for me and my family. Calling all professed Christians, make sure you are not worshipping your church or denomination, because you may lose Christ.

Here is how today went:

2 mangos (i got a real sweet bunch on sunday, but they are almost gone), half a watermelon. (947 calories).

tomato-cucumber salad with pate. (584 calories).

2 mangos, 4 valencia oranges. (506 calories).

2 hours of basketball, 50 chins, 50 dips.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.