Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 232, Fruitarian

Tuesday, Day 232, Fruitarian. Another very interesting day. i had some leftover peanuts. Not being one to waste anything i did intend to eat them. After all, it had been 5-6 days since i had any and i was having a taste for them. So i did eat the remnant of what was left with my lunch. It was about half a cup of peanuts. About an hour later, here comes this tremendous energy surge. i had already had an excellent morning workout having done 60 chins, 60 bar dips, 160 pushups and 20 tricep presses. About 5 pm i wanted more. i did another 140 pushups (100 one arm pushups) and 30 tricep presses. i wasn't finished. i decided to got out and test my knee on the basketball court. Played 3 full court games. The energy level was off the charts. i wanted to actually do more chins and dips between games but i felt guilty because i had already done alot of them in the morning. At this report it is 5:39am and i have been wide awake since 3am. So i realize, the peanuts are good, but i cannot have them every day. So i figure twice a week may be good. This journey is so mercurial and flowing, its amazing. So here is the days meals:

3 bananas, half a watermelon. (993 calories).

6 bananas, 2 mangos, half a cup of peanuts. (1301 calories).

One peach, 50 oz of fruit smoothie. (851 calories).

morning. 60 chins/60 bar dips/160 pushups/20 tricep presses.....37 minutes.

Afternoon-evening. 140 pushups (2x50 one armed), 30 tricep presses, 60 minutes basketball.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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