Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 137, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Friday, Day 137, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i was real sore today. But just as eager to workout. i didn't do it though, because i didn't want to risk overtraining and injury. i haven't felt this much enthusiasm about working out in quite a while. i am glad that over the next 24 hours, it is a period of physical and spiritual rest for me. My body needs it. Dinner today was glorious as i had two boxes of durian. Truth is, i wanted to save one box for tomorrow, i really tried to take my time and enjoy every bite, but to no avail. The stuff is ridiculously good. The smell was bothering my family though as the odor from the box lingered. But for me, the fragrance was indeed sweet. A dear sister in Christ called me today with good news. She was in a health store and found they had a case and a half of valencia oranges. Oh the joy i felt at that news! i happened to have enough money for one case ($25), so she got them for me and i will pick them up over the weekend. i had been having such a craving for valencias, as God is my witness i was just telling the Lord yesterday about it. Lo and behold here they come. My God is a faithful and loving God. Here are today's meals:


Half of a 20lb watermelon, 2 bananas (1055 calories).

Large Non-sweet fruity salad that had: 6 Roma tomatoes, one large cucumber, 2 mangos, 1 avocado, half of a small papaya and 3 bananas. i sprinkled curry, basil and cayenne on it. Delicious! (1153 calories)

2 boxes of delicious Durian (1176 calories)

Exercise: none today.

Have a Great Weekend!!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.