Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010........Day 76

Day 76 of the Fruit Feast. i was away on business this week and just got back yesterday. i ate Fruitarian Fabulous the whole week. i was in Connecticut and you had better believe i found a place that had durian. i brought 2 of them with me on the 9 hour drive there. i stopped at a rest stop and ate one for dinner. Delicious. Since i was away for a week, 2 durian just won;t do so i bought 2 more in Connecticut. i opened it up at my friends house. i was all excited because they were all curious about the fruit. Well, once i opened it and began to share its creamy goodness, my friends didn't exactly share my enthusiasm. They opened all the doors and It was so very funny really. Everyone had their noses turned up and i was in durian heaven just eating away. They told me the next time i came with one i had to eat it outside. Fine with me.

Tomorrow will mark exactly 11 weeks on 100% Raw Fruit. i weigh 200lbs, feel great. Growing spiritually by leaps and bounds. The most exciting part is, its just the very beginning. i have decided that i want to be Fruitarian for life. i will continue counting the days until a year is up for the sake of those also starting this path, but i am committing to it for life. i say this by Faith. Only the God of Heaven knows what lies ahead. But i want this to stay with me by Grace through Faith. The problesm with me (if it is indeed a problem at all), is that i cannot just eat mono all the time. There is so much fruit to eat and i don't want to miss any of it. Today i had a bunch of ripe bananas. i could have stayed on banana island, but the watermelon was calling me. The mangos too and there was this coconut whose water i wanted. Mono will have to wait.

Today i went to the park and did a nice short workout. About 20 minutes of chins, dips, pistols (assisted), tricep presses, core isometric exercises and push ups. i did isometrics more today also. Whenever i do isometrics, i don't count reps because they are not as many. i focus on holding the flexed position. It was 90 degrees outside, the sun was shining brightly, it was tremendous. All praise and honor and blessing and glory to God the Father and Jesus Christ my Lord!

1 mini watermelon, 5 bananas

Lunch: 1 coconut, 4 dates.

Dinner: 6 mangoes, 5 bananas.

32oz of OJ, Sugar Cane.

Spiritual bread: 2 kings 2-6

Exercise: Push ups, chins, pull ups, core exercises, assisted pistols, dips without counting how many.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

Sabbath Peace and Rest to all in Christ.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.