Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 160, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Sunday, Day 160, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Nice day today. i ate well and i got in some decent exercise. i was able to have some durian, which always makes me happy. i didn't blog yesterday, as i was quite busy, but one thing new did happen. i decided to try my hand at some raw almond pate. Prior to this fruitarian foray, almond pate was a regular part of my diet. But i had decided to leave nut foods alone for awhile because i wanted to make sure nothing would clog me up. Also, one of the things that made my pate taste so good to me was the salt (which of course i am not using now). Well, it didn't come out so good. Of course i ate it (wasn't going to waste it), but without the salt there was something missing. i believe i can improve it though, which i will in the future. So today, it was back to my old friend the avocado. i had several at home, but when i went to an asian market to pick up some mangos, i saw some of the best looking haas avos i had seen in a long time. Had to get two of them, ate one of them right there in the store while talking to the owner (very nice man). It was as good as it looked, creamy and buttery delicious. Here are the meals for the day:

Half a watermelon and two mangos. (947 calories)

snack: Delicious avocado at the asian market.

Non-sweet fruit salad which consisted of 2 large delicious tomatoes, 3 roma tomatoes, 2 english cucumbers and i put a sliver of chopped onion in for flavor (came out very well). i didnt use the avocado today because i had one earlier. After that i ate 2 mangos and had some durian. (774 calories).

16oz of fresh OJ and some more durian. (517 calories).

11am....did 5 sets of 20 pushups with one back leg extended took about 12 minutes.

2 pm....stopped at the park on my way to the asian market. Did 4 sets of 7 chins, 4 sets of 6 dips (went as deep down as possible), 4 sets of 7 baby muscle ups (those wipe me out). Felt great.

6:30pm. Played an hour of full court basketball with my son and some other teenagers. Lot of fun.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.