Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 217, 100% Fruitarian

Monday, Day 217, 100% Fruitarian. Bit of a disaster today. Bad accident on the basketball court left my left knee grapefruit-size swollen. i had been having a tremendous workout day prior to that. i had just decided to get back into one-leg squats. Now that is all on hold for at least the next two weeks. At least i can focus on the chins/pushups/presses/dips still. Those require no legs and i need to do that anyways. i decided that i'd like to do at least 1000 pushups per week. This may sound like alot but its not considered some people do that each day. Also i want to focus on my bar dips for a week or so. Admittedly though, i was alittle depressed about the knee (this one was worse than what happened to the right one earlier this year), this caused me to eat more peanuts than i normally would. My calorie count was through the roof today; whatever. On the food side, i am really enjoying making sandwiches with tomatoes and lettuce these days. Either using pate or guac with it. i had pate today. i am really loving the watermelon season as the deep red, juicy fruit is really hitting the spot.

Here is how today's meals went.

Half a large watermelon, 3 bananas, 1/2 cup of peanuts. (1420 calories)

2 tomatoes with 5-7 leafs of lettuce and almond pate. 1/2 cup of peanuts, 2 bananas. (1109 calories).

Bowl full of green grapes, 16oz of fresh OJ, 1 cup of peanuts. (1250 calories).

Morning....300 pushups.......Evening 70 dips, 20 minutes of basketball (before the injury).

Grace and Peace be multiplied.