Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 219, 100% Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 219, 100% Fruitarian. The swelling was gone from my knee today. It is still very sore, but i am amazing at how quickly it is healing. Just to be safe, i am still planning to stay away from too much direct activity with my legs (squats, running, basketball), but i tell you the truth, i will be ready for action before then the way its healing. Yesterday it was very swollen and i was basically dragging it along. Today i can walk up stairs (albeit very slowly). i cannot fully bend it yet but as far as i can bend it, i bend and flex as i sit. Without a doubt, i believe the Father in Heaven and my Lord Christ are using this raw diet to heal me quickly. i mean imagine running full speed, flipping into the air and landing knee-first on concrete. Without the lifestyle i now have been given, i would surely have been in some more serious problem. But 2 days later, the swelling is gone and i am beginning to walk again. Amazing. All praises to the Lord Christ, Creator of the body (which is His Temple on earth today). i was running low on food today, but my wife had $8 for me to get some produce. i was blessed as i got 4lbs of bananas, a nice 16lb watermelon, some garden-grown tomatoes and some yeast my wife requested so she could bake bread. Hey, not bad. Ate most of the bananas as they were very spotted, sweet and delicious. Even had a delicious smoothie today with some leftovers of fruit. Had not partaken of a smoothie in quite awhile since i really have been enjoying whole fruit.

Here is the breakdown:

Half a watermelon, 3 bananas, 1/3 cup of peanuts. (1044 calories).

Salad with cukes, tomatoes and some lettuce, almond pate and an avocado (alittle too much fat, but i was just throwing things together). Then a banana and 1/3 cup of peanuts. (1145 calories).

45oz smoothie with mango, bananas, canteloupe and juice of 3 valencia oranges. (636 calories).

240 pushups, 83 bar dips, 50 chins.....i wasn't paying much attention to the time involved since i was just focused on working around the knee. Its strange but the pushups seem to bring strength to the knee, i also noticed this the last time i hurt it. i decided that for at least the next two weeks i want 1000 pushups/250 chins/250 bar dips/75 tricep presses each week. Sort of an intermediate level workout (which is where i am right now in my estimation).

Grace and Peace be multiplied.