Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 186, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Friday, Day 186, 100% Raw Fruitarian. The day is not over, but i want to blog now since i missed yesterday and i am about to take a shower and get ready for dinner and family worship. It was a very sweet day today. i got some tremendous blessings in terms of fruit. i decided to check out this roadside store that i have seen but never seemed to have time to stop in. They usually are only open in the spring and summer and sell mostly plants. But i did note that during the summer months they sell local produce. What really caught my eye was their sign which said "Cucumbers 3/$1". In these days of penny-pinching that was enough to get me to go in. i had just got paid today and received a small donation so i was on a mission. Well, when i went in there i was totally blown away. Everything in there was of fine quality, local and cheaper than any of the local grocers i usually frequent. The topper was the tomatoes. They usually sell them $1.29/lb which is an excellent price. But they had these that they sell cheaper because they don't look as good as the others, spots, little bruises and such. Of course that didn't bother me, i got a 25lb case for $7! Tremendous blessing in these parts. Large, bright red and very juicy (they wouldn't let me try one in the store but i ate one in the parking lot). They had bananas the same way, nobody wanted them because they had spots......25 cents a know i hit the jackpot now. i bought $25 worth of produce there which would have easily cost me 3 times that in any other store. Thats not all. Went to the asian market. They know me there now. They had only one case of mangos left, the mangos were all wrinkled like a 120 year old lizard, so he gave me a case of 14 for $10 plus 11 valencia oranges for $2. Of course i bought the Durian, it was $2.19 per pound, not a tremendous deal, but hey, its Durian. Needless to say, i ate like a Fruitarian King today. i was so happy in that store when i got those tomatoes, the people thought i was crazy. i wasn't crazy.....LOL. i was just giving praise the my Saviour and Father in Heaven for the blessing. Something about getting such a blessing, it was like i was walking on air the rest of the day. Nothing could bother me.

Had a tremendous workout today. The pictures here posted are me right after i came in from doing the lawn for over 2.5 hours. So you can see i was sweating alot as it was in the 90s today. i also went out to the park earlier for a quick 15 minute session of dips and chins. Went well.
Todays meals:
16oz of water. Half a watermelon (678 calories)
16oz of water. 2 mangos, tomato-cucumber salad with pate. (853 calories).
Dinner (scheduled):
16oz of water. 6 valencia orange, one mango, one Durian. (1375 calories).
56 bar dips and 61 chins in 15 minutes....2.5 hours of pushing a lawn mower.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Grace and Peace be multiplied.