Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Review Days 187 & 188 100% Fruitarian.

Weekend Review, Days 187 & 188 100% Raw Fruitarian. Had a tremendous weekend. Foodwise, spiritually, fellowship with like believers, it was simply a slice of Heaven. i never did list all that i ate so i don't have a calorie count, but i ate very, very well. Didn't get to do any calistenics either, but i had a good workout. As i had blogged on Friday, i had the pleasure of eating a durian for dinner. Well, i was in North Carolinato speak on Sabbathj as i do once or twice per month. There was a very good brother of mine who is a missionary there. He had just arrived from a 2 month stint in Thailand. It was a joy to see him. You won't believe he told me he saw truckloads of Durian and he never even tasted one. He has been invited back next year and i told him i am going with him! By the end of today though, he did taste one in North Carolina....LOL. More on that in a moment. There was another very close friend of mine there who is a traveling evangelist. It was great to see these people as they are very rarely in the same place at the same time. Then of course there was the very sweet and lovely people i usually see there. The Lord had me speak on Revelation chapter 14. The needful preparation necessary to meet God face to face. The Spirit really took over and the fellowship was totally sweet. People were repenting and re-committing their lives to Christ. It was beautiful to experience.

Afterwards we had lunch in the park. i brought along a salad and the last of my mangos. i was enjoying that when, lo and behold, a sister brought some fresh durian with her! My missionary brother was sitting right next to me when she presented it to me. With some considerable coaxing he finally tried alittle. He liked it! Its so crazy that he was in the Durian capital of the world for 2 months and didn't try durian until he came to North Carolina...LOL. Then it because sort of a dare to get everyone to try was alot of fun.

i had a very nice Fathers Day. On Friday, as i drove home i passed by a store that had a sign that said "The greatest gift a Father can give his children is Himself". i really related to that. Of course, being a christian, it made me think of my Heavenly Father. How He gave us His Son to save us. i thought about how Christ said "He that is greatest among you shall be your servant". I decided to make Father's day a day for me to serve my family and children. Instead of rising up early and hitting the park, i spent a couple of hours talking with my wife. My wife gave me permission to get another Durian (they are abundant at the asian store now), so i took my daughters with me as i went shopping to several stores and ran some errands. It was great to spend time alone with them and chat. Also, i am not sure if i mentioned this before, but we had 3 cats. Well, we started with one cat, a female (called Blitz). Then 2 years ago we found a cat in our shed. Another female, that was very territorial (more than most cats). i wanted to get rid of it, but my daughters would not let me unless we found a home for it. That would be difficult as the cat (whom we named Coal) is all black (like Blitz) and nobody seemed to want a black cat. Then, about two weeks ago my daughters brought home a kitten they found in a drainage pipe. Didn't look like it was more than a month old. Another female (whom we named Fluffy). Now i don't mind having so many cats (sort of), but the problem is, they hate each other. All being female. Everytime i mentioned bringing Coal to the Aspca, my daughter would basically growl at me. My other daughter would look sad when i said anything about Fluffy. Now what's a guy to do?

So i prayed about it. Well, just so happens that we met a family in North Carolina with the same situation only they had all males. The male kitten they found ran away so they still had two that hated each other. So we arranged a trade. We will give them Coal, they will give us Frisky (their male). Then another sister in Christ came over and wanted Fluffy. Whew! Problem solved. Now we will have Blitz (a female) and Frisky (a male). Both fixed, opposite sexes, no territorial issues. That made my weekend all by itself as the girls were very happy to be getting a new cat and knowing that both Coal and Fluffy will be in loving homes. God is good.

Later i met my son at the park to play some basketball. We really wanted to play one-on-one alone but other people were there. So we played for about an hour. Then people started leaving (it was about 90 degrees), at that point i also had to go because i had a bible study to do. But i wanted to get some chins and dips in first so i said "i am going to do some exercise before i go". My son looked at me and said "you are going to do exercise?". i looked in his eyes and what he was really saying was "Dad could you and i play some more?". So i said "You know what, lets play some one-on-one!", his face lit up. Sometimes just the simplest gestures make children happy (even 17 year old ones). Of course we had a fun time.

As i said it was a terrific weekend. As far as eating, i had non-sweet fruit salads (filled with tomatoes of course), durian, mangos, avocado, watermelon and valencia oranges. Can't remember anything else, but i ate very well.

i hope you had a nice weekend.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.