Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 175, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Monday, Day 175, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Good day today in terms of food and the nauseousness was gone. i still had some mowing to finish as the mower gave out yesterday. It worked well today and the yard got done this morning. Then went to work and came home earlier because it was a light day. Ate a good lunch and went out to play some basketball with my son. Because i ate well, had not worked out that morning except for the lawn mowing (which was only about 40 minutes), i felt very energetic as i came to the court. One very brash 18 year old was giving me grief about what he was going to do to me on the court. "Old man, " he said, "you won't even be able to hit a shot today". That was too bad for the kid, because his girlfriend was there and he was made toast. After 3 games, i didn't hear that mouth anymore. His girlfriend was laughing. i had so much energy it was scary. i came away with the very strong impression that if i wasn't eating the way i am eating, this would not be possible. i played for 90 minutes with those boys and was even able to squeeze in 4 sets of chins and 4 sets of dips. What a workout, especially after running like that in 90 degree heat. To be 48 years old and running around with 18 year old kids is alot of fun. At the end of the day i had fun with that kid, i told him "boy i am old enough to be your grandfather and i waxed you, you should be ashamed of yourself!".....everybody was laughing. Today's meals went like this:

11 valencia oranges, 2 mangos (921 calories)

the pate i made today was my best yet. i guess less is more because all i did was remove the dill weed and it was great. i like dill, but it worked better without it. Ended up eating a second salad because of it.

tomato-cucumber salad with nut pate (twice). (1101 calories).

32 oz of juice made with one delicious cantaloupe and 4 valencia oranges. 2 more oranges on the side. (461 calories).

40 minutes of lawn mowing, 90 minutes of basketball, 4 sets of chins (28 total), 4 sets of dips (32 total).

Grace and Peace be multiplied.