Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Review Days 131& 132, 100% Fruitarian

Weekend Review Days 131 & 132, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Had a nice weekend. The weather was warm and the sky was clear all weekend. Saturday we went to a campmeeting and met up with some present truth believers who were interested in starting a home church network. The fellowship was good. Being that all the participants were vegan, there seemed to be keen interest in my fruitarian lifestyle. It was good to speak to people who, though not raw, are definitely raw-interested and want to learn. i ate well as i had some mangos that were not the costa rican variety but nevertheless were pretty good. i ate more advocados than i normally would (at least three). As we had to drive a few hours to get to the meeting place it was a long day but satisfying. On Sunday, my son and i went out to the park at about 11am and did sets of chins and pullups. He did well as he ended up doing a total of 60, i did 100 (keeping in mind it was the first time he ever did such a workout). It took us about 20-25 minutes. i also did about 30 dips. Later that day, we played some basketball. It was in the 90s all day, but when we went to play ball it was probably in the mid 80s. Nice weather. i also had a durian on sunday (smile). It was a small one, but hey, small or large, it was a durian.

i did not log anything this weekend so i don't know my caloric intake. i had lost 3lbs by the end of the weekend though. i feel this was mostly due to the activity in the outdoor heat on sunday. i was also able to re-connect with one of my two brothers on sunday. Had not talked to him in years. It was nice. i believe i am in the healing relationships mode now, with me connecting with mother, father and now youngest brother. i still have one more brother to reach and hopefully that will happen in time.

My apologies for not having detailed intake information. We will begin that on Monday's blog.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.