Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010.......Day 106

Day 106 of the Fruit Feast. It was warm and humid today, about 90 degrees. My son Joshua and i hit the park for a nice workout. We really went at it so that when we were done i needed to re-fuel with some OJ. When we went to play ball both of us were pooped. It was great. i noticed that my whole family, as well as people at the park were totally uncomfortable in the heat of the day, but i was very comfortable. i believe its because of the fruit. i drank very little water today (just a few sips at the park between games), but i drank alot of living water in the fruit juices. Its no substittute for the Living Water of Christ, but it sure does keep me strong.

i am excited to be getting some manure for our garden. i am hoping for a good crop of tomatoes especially. We are planning to plant some watermelon, celery, sweet pepper and cucumber also. i am a total novice at gardening and i am bugging one of my dear brethren for advice. He has been so kind and patient to give me help. This man has been keeping a large garden for years and he knows what he is talking about. i am blessed to have such a brother to help me. So i need to get some manure and some lime then hopefully later this week i will plant.

i have to step up my exercise some as i am aiming for at least 4500 push ups and 1000 chins this month. So i need to average about 1125 and 250 per week. i think i did about 4200 push ups for April and probably less than 500 chins because i sprained my ribcage. But i feel much better now and ready for the challenge. i figure if i can increase my push ups by 500 each month, i will be at 8000 by year end. We'll see.

i cannot adequately express the clarity of mind i am experiencing right now. i don't want to lose it again, but rather, by God's Grace, grow into it more fully. As i believe we are living in the last days of earth's history, i feel it my duty to represent Christ in my life to a lost world. i feel that so many hypocrites claiming christianity do more harm than good to the cause of God. If i can live the life of Jesus, maybe some lost souls can be brought to Him in truth and be saved at the last. The Fruitarian diet is really a great tool to aid in this goal and i am extremely thankful that i have been led this way.

Today's fare was good:

Breakfast: 36oz of cantaloupe-mango juice, 3 mangos.

Lunch: 32oz of OJ

Dinner: Large non-sweet fruity salad with avocado and celery juice.

Snack: 2 bananas, 3 mangos, 5 oranges.

Spiritual Bread: 2Chronicles 26-29

Exercise: 400 push ups, 120 chins, 1 hour basketball.

Grace and peace be multiplied.