Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 95, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Friday, Day 95, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i was able to eat very well today. Interesting how the body adapts. Today, i ate about 1200 calories less than i was used to eating prior to this past week and i feel stuffed. That's because this week i was eating about 1000-1300 calories per day. That felt like a starvation diet. Today i was able to obtain two 20lb watermelons. Spring is definitely in the air. i like the mini ones, but i would much rather have the regular size watermelons. i look forward to having one of them for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. i notice that as the weather gets warmer, the place where our melons come from gets closer to us. For example, all winter i have been eating melons that have mostly come here to Virginia from Costa Rica and Guatemala. The large watermelons i purchased today (first time this year they were available here) came from mexico. In about a month or so, they will start coming from here in the southern united states and in the summer i will be able to get them from Virginia grown locally. i feel that this is the reason the quality of fruit gets better and the summer draws nigh. It doesn't have to travel as far.

Today's meals were:
3 bananas and one avocado (604 Calories)

Large non-sweet fruity salad with banana-tangerine sauce. two more bananas. (1009 Calories).

2 tangerines, one minneola orange, one navel orange. (227 calories)

Exercise: 20 minutes of isometrics.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


Day 94, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 94, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Another very busy day (i love it). It seems like the day just flew by. i met some very interesting people. i find people interesting. We come from all different walks of life, all different shades and colors and ideas. But we all want the same things, we all want to be happy, we all want to avoid sadness and we all face obstacles. Now what makes us happy or sad or what each of us considers an obstacle differs with the person. But humans are so complex, as the Bible says we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14). This thought causes me to give praise to my Creator everyday. Today i met a person that is a chain-smoker. This person has suffered much and has fought hard all their life (about 75 years old). Such a nice person and responsible in that she raised four children and paid off her home (her husband died a few years ago). It was hard to watch, knowing what the cigarettes were doing to her. Sometime i wish i could just do something or say something that would cause people to understand certain things, but i realize that is not my place. i am just to be an example and show love, light and truth that comes from my Heavenly Father. Each person must make decisions for themselves. Well, that is life on planet earth.

Todays meals were:

3 tangerines, one banana (261 calories)

non-sweet fruit salad with banana-tangerine sauce and two avocados. (1068 calories). The avocados gave this meal its density. i was glad to have them.

Exercise: none today.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.