Friday, July 31, 2009

Days 226 & 227, 100% Fruitarian

Wednesday & Thursday, Days 226 & 227, 100% Fruitarian. Detox time. Been having sharp pains in the pit of my stomach combined with increased lethargy and increased eliminations. Detox time. No fun for the fruitarian/raw foodist, but absolutely necessary to continued growth in overall health. So while it doesn't feel too good, its very good for me. i have not slept well the last 3 nights. Yesterday i was on my way to an appointment at 2pm in the afternoon, suddenly i felt like i was falling asleep at the wheel. i pulled over into a motel parking lot, slept for 10-15 minutes and was fine. Later i had planned on going to the park for a workout, but i felt totally beat. i went anyways, did 110 chins and 110 bar dips. Took me an hour (longer than usual), it was raining also (but that felt good actually), but i was decidedly more lethargic with less energy than i have had recently. i usually don't make any adjustments during detox, preferring to let it play itself out. i believe the body will heal itself if given the opportunity. This principle i seek to follow with detox. This time though, i am eliminating the peanuts temporarily. i am not sure why, just an instinct i guess. i had scheduled to stay home this weekend and i am glad i did. i need a Sabbath of quiet relaxation and reflection right about now. On Tuesday, i ran into a deal on organic bananas at Kroger, 29 cents/lb. i bought a good 10-15 pounds. Then i went to the country market and saw a large box of very ripe bananas 4lbs/$1. Needless to say, i have been consuming a good amount of bananas this week. This is a good thing as i am getting hit with the detox. Here are the meals over the last two days:

Half a watermelon, 2 bananas. (920 calories).

4 bananas, cup of peanuts. (1801 calories).

tomato-cucumber salad with almond pate. (584 calories)

55 minutes.....80 chins/80 bar dips/160 pushups/40 tricep presses.


8 bananas, half a watermelon. (968 calories).

half a watermelon, 3 bananas, cup of peanuts. (1847 calories).

Half a watermelon. (678 calories).

2 large, garden fresh tomatoes. (66 calories).

1 hour......110 chins/110 bar dips.

For the week i finished with 1040 pushups/250 chins/250 bar dips/90 tricep presses.

Have a great weekend!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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