Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, Day 224 100% Fruitarian

Monday, Day 224, 100% Fruitarian. The last few days are like a wind that passes quickly. Sometimes i simply don't know where the time went. i intended on doing a weekend review, but somehow the time passed by and suddenly it was 9pm on Monday night and i was in the park trying to get my workout in. i spoke 3 times on Sabbath; morning, afternoon and evening. There was a huge spread of fresh garden-grown fruit after the evening service. Many melons, strawberries, blueberries, cherries and more. The fellowship was sweet. We didn't get home until after midnight. Sunday, i took it easy, but the day still flew by. i didn't go to the park, but i spent all morning with my wife. Then i just did push-ups intermittently throughout the day (340 total). Ate well all weekend. i even had some funds for a durian but there was none available this weekend, except the frozen pods and i wasn't into them. For the record, last week i did 1275 pushups, 255 chins, 251 dips and 90 tricep presses. Felt very good and the knee is healing very well. i'd say its about 60% right now. i did some one leg squats on it very gingerly today, just a couple at a time, just to test it.

Today i took my children to visit a certain college. This university has the Physical Therapy program my daughter is interested in. She is still 2 years away, but i thought it best to explore the possibities now. It was a 5 hour round trip and we stayed on the campus about 3 hours. Full day for sure. When we got back home it was about 8:30pm. My son and i decided it was a nice evening (which it was) and we went out to the park for some calistenics. We both felt great afterwards. i noticed there were many more people out walking in the evening yesterday, it was definitely a nice summer evening.

Here is how the day went foodwise:

half a watermelon, 2 bananas. (888 calories).

Snack (at a rest stop):
3 clementines, 5 bananas. (659 calories).

bowl of green grapes, one peach, 4 clementines, 1 cup. (1139 calories).

32oz mango-banana-orange juice smoothie. (886 calories).

60 chins, 120 pushups, 60 dips, 40 tricep presses....35 minutes.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.