Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010...........Day 212

Day 212 of the Fruit Feast. Time goes by very quickly. Sometimes i really believe the earth is turning faster and moving faster around the sun. Well, its been 7 months since i started this recent fruit foray. While i feel like i am settling into more of a routine, i am also going through changes. i am eating nuts and seeds more frequently than earlier this year when i ate none. i am using them mostly in my salads. i seem to really need to drink much fruit juice (i am drinking anywhere from half a gallon to a gallon each day). Life in general is getting less and less complicated for me. My mind is getting more and more clarity. The grace of the Lord Christ is making much, much more tolerant of others than ever in my life. The meaning of living out Christ has become a reality rather than a theory. With all of this, the Bible has become much more precious as my guide of life. While the trials of life continue on, the Lord is using them to cause me to be conformed to the image of Christ.

In the area of physical development, i am also very much encouraged. Last week i did 1760 push ups and 300 chins. i am on pace to break the 8000 push up barrier for the month of December (which was my original plan). i am working on a pace that would get me to a 1000 push up workout in either July or August of next year. i am enjoying playing basketball with my son Joshua and his friends more now than ever in my life. i started playing basketball when i was eight years old in my Long Island neighborhood. As my friends and i grew into our teens it became more than a sport. It was a form of artistic expression. For me, it still is.As teens we all had dreams of playing professional ball so we took it more like perfecting a craft. Now its just plain fun. The other day we were playing with this gentlemen who was complaining that he was feeling old at 34. When i told him my age he quickly changed the subject. Since i have been going to that park with my son over the last 3 years i have had the blessing of meeting many people some of whom i have had opportunity to share Christ with. Only in eternity will the full effect of those planted seeds be revealed.

Our small home church flock is growing in Christ. This past weekend there were two precious souls baptized into Christ. It seems that our fellowship is growing sweeter and sweeter. Only Jesus Christ can make life so consistently sweet and fulfilling for us. May i keep my eyes on Him and serve Him forever.

Grace and peace be multiplied.