Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 97, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Sunday, Day 97, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Sundays are days where we usually lounge around the house and relax. When the weather is good i run and/or play ball with my youngest son. In the morning, my wife and i usually talk for an hour or so, discussing what's going on in our lives, in the world and things pertaining to our family and the Kingdom of God. This morning time flew by on us as we talked until early afternoon (shows there's alot going That put me slightly behind as i had to go into the office today for a couple of hours. i have an early day tomorrow and a long drive to see a prospective client. i ate very well today, as i have all this weekend. i don't know how this week will go, but i know i will be alright in the end. i have been having some very bad thoughts go through my head over the last two or three nights. i have been having thoughts of three things, fried chicken, new york city pizza and cheese burgers. Now i wondered why these things were coming so heavy upon my mind and i came up with three things. One, i was hungry most of the week, when a person is hungry, all types of thoughts go through their head. Two, i had not thought about salt in awhile and perhaps i was craving it. Three, dark spirits were seeking to tempt me prior to being banished from my soul forever. i decided it was a combination of all three. But the way i have been eating this weekend, none of that mattered. i was totally satisfied and happy with the fare i was blessed to partake of. Today's meals were:

one 20lbs watermelon. two bananas. (1565 calories)

Large bowl of zucchini spaghetti with celery, tomato and raisins. seasoned with home-made curry, basil and oregano. topped with banana-tangerine sauce. i also ate two avocados (i really didn't need the second one, but they were so good). (1302 Calories).

i put my timer on 20 minutes and this is what i did.

50 regular pushups. 15 clap pushups, 60 one-legged squats, 24 chins, 40 chair dips. i really got a good workout. The isometrics are helping me progress tremendously.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


Day 96, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Saturday, Day 96, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i ate very well today. Better than i have eaten in about a week. It was a restful day, which i love. We had a good bible study Friday night and then an even better one on Saturday night. We are studying the prophecy of Daniel (which is fast fulfilling). My mind is receiving so much from the Bible now, more than ever in my life. Whatever hardship i have to endure or discomfort this journey may cause, that one advancement is worth it all and much more. i have read and re-read the entire bible many times, but it all is going to another level now. i have learned that just when i think my mind is clear, things get more clear. There seems to always be new levels to reach, higher spiritual heights, deeper knowledge and understanding. Also, much deeper appreciation for my Creator and all He has done (and is doing), for me. So this was a typical 7th day of the week for me, in that it was a time for contemplation, meditation, fellowship and worship. Also it was filled with delicious fruit!!

Today's menu was:

A little over one half of one 20lb watermelon. (813 calories)

The rest of the watermelon, 3 bananas, 4 oranges, half an avocado. (1125 calories)

Large non-sweet fruity salad with avocado-banana dressing (918 calories).

Now THIS is how to eat as a Fruitarian!

Exercise: Took a long walk with my wife. 4 miles.

Grace and peace be multiplied.