Friday, February 19, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010......Day 33

Day 33 of the Fruit Fast. Yesterday i had intended to buy some whole durian. Usually our local asian markets don't start carrying them until about May. But i know of this very large market in Greensboro, NC (about 2 hours from me) that always has them. i called down there and confirmed that they indeed carried them by the caseload. But something impressed me to stop by my local market first. The couple that own the store are elderly (i'd say in their 60s) and from Cambodia. They are always telling me of the delicious fruit in their homeland and how i should go and visit (i think they are understandably alittle biased). Anyway, their business has been struggling very badly in this economy. So i stopped in there and said hello to them. i asked them when they thought they would be getting durian this year. They told me they had some on hand! i was glad to be able to support them alittle bit. They had 3 of them at $1.69/lb. i bought all three. They also had some sapote. i have read much about sapote but have never had one. So i bought two of those also. That saved me a two hour trip. Now someone may say 'you mean you'd drive 2 hours for durian?'...........Yep. Lately my children have had no taste for durian and my wife's taste has faded so that she never eats more than one pod. So today i had pretty much a whole durian to myself (Glory!). My knee and back were sore today having pushed them pretty hard the day before yesterday, i tried a few deep 1-leg squats yesterday, not a good idea. i should have rested completely. So today i focused on upper body stuff and had a nice workout. Did 200 pushups and 40 tricep presses in 13 minutes. Wonderfully intense and efficient. Later after dinner i did 6 sets of 8 chins. Good day overall. Still no salt cravings at all. This is very good.

30oz celery-honeydew-orange juice, half a mini-watermelon, durian.

2 bananas, Non-sweet fruity salad (avo, cuke, tomatoes, sweet pepper) with celery juice as a light sauce (pretty good). 

Spiritual Bread: Judges 1-6

Exercise: 200 pushups, 40 tricep presses, 48 chins. 

Grace and Peace be multiplied.