Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 128, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 128, 100% Raw Fruitarian. One of the things about Christ is that He receives you where you are, but He does not leave you there. Over the process of time He strips away from our soul the ravages of sin. He does this step by step and never without our complete permission. We are all sinners and these ravages represent not only what sin has done to us spiritually, physically and emotionally, but sin that we have grown to love and cherish. Many times without realizing it. Sometimes we grow comfortable the way our life is, we grow comfortable holding sadness or anger or frustration. We grow comfortable in our selfishness and self-centeredness. We grow comfortable in our dysfunction and sinful character. Christ lovingly takes us thru a journey to rid us of all that. As He gets closer to our core being, the things that are closest to us are exposed. The removal of these involves great pain, but if we are to be like Him in truth, these must be removed.

During my 25+ years of walking with Christ, He has removed many things. Now its at the point where He is stripping things from sensitive areas of my core being. It hurts. It hurts badly. Yet it must be done if i am to be a perfect reflection of Him (this i most desire). He has been using this fruitarian lifestyle as a tool to aid in this effort. i have journaled regarding my dysfunctional upbringing and broken home. i have recently re-opened communication with my mother.......... Very difficult for me........... Grace allowed it to happen. We have a very long way to go; very long, but it has begun. Its taken nearly 40 years for me to get even to this point. Now, there is another call i must make and the thought of it brings great pain. i am praying for Grace and Righteousness that i know will be there for me. i thank Christ for the clarity of mind this lifestyle has given me, but i tell you the truth, some things i wish i didn't see.

Here are today's meals.

One personal-size watermelon. 3 mangos (1081 calories)

Non-sweet fruity salad and avocado-banana sauce (exactly like yesterday for those who want the recipe). (1071 calories).

3 bananas, 3 mangos, one avocado (1056 calories).

i had a nice 35 minute workout this morning. In that time i did: 50 chins, 50 pull-ups, 120 one leg squats (each leg).

Grace and Peace be multiplied.