Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010.........Day 81

Day 81 of the Fruit Feast. These days i am feeling like its day 81 of the rest of my life. The Living Temple is continuing to cleanse. Today i eliminated 6 times. i am so thankful to the Lord for the wonderful way He has created the body. It will heal itself and clean itself out if we just give it an opportunity to do so. Aside from the water fast, the fruit diet is the best way to accomplish this in my opinion. It was about 90 degrees out when me and my 18 year old went out to the park for calistenics. We did chins, dips and finished with push ups. After that we went to the park and played 2 on 2 with some friends for about 1.5 hours. Great workout. When we started playing ball i noticed a pain in the area where my collarbone connects with my shoulder joint. This happened last year also and i remember it had to do with the dips. i try to dip as deeply as possible to get the most out of the movement, but i think my structure is not aligned properly which is why i experienced the pain. So afterwards i decided i would shelve the dips for awhile and then come back and do partial dips. These don't seem to bring the pain like the very deep ones i do. But i digress..... My son and i did one set after another. One person only resting while the other did his set. We did 100 chins, 20 dips, 200 push ups each in 29 minutes. We have both done more volume many times before but not this intensely with 3 different exercises. i can only describe it as wonderfully brutal. It felt tremendous and very efficient.

i have had to eat more avocados than i would want to this past week. i purchased too many of them and they are all ripening. My family does not eat them fast enough. So i have been making sauce out of them to reduce the affect on my system. Today i had 2.5 of them. From this point on i will be buying much less of them. i have noticed a difference in my system if i eat more than one of them and i cannot do this everyday.  What a difference to when i first went to the raw diet and i could eat 4-5 of them at a sitting! This proves to me that the path of the raw diet is a progressive path. There are those who, unfortunately feel they must push people to eliminate avocados from day one. Its like they treat the poor avocado as something evil. i don't feel this is right. Each system will tell its inhabitant what is right to eliminate and when. My system is now telling me that i don't need them very much. But it has taken 6 years. The idea of progression is a very important idea to remember when one undertakes the raw food diet. i suppose there are fanatics in the raw food world as well as the religious world. Fanaticism (to me) is when person A attempts to push person B at person A's pace. Its when person A thinks all human beings must come along exactly as they did or they are wrong. Sports fanatics are a good example of this. If a person likes for example, the yankees, but another likes the red sox, they will argue who is better (and even get angry to the point of violence) unless one agrees to submit. People also do this with religion as well as in the world of the Raw diet. i find it totally counter-productive to the cause of righteousness. It hinders and hurts many more people than it helps. But i suppose the fanatical types will be with us until the end of time. At which time their restless souls will find permanent rest. In the meantime we must bear with them, pray for them and if possible, avoid them.

i really am desiring more of the sweet and juicy. The valencia oranges are in season now. Sometimes i think i could live on that juice. In fact, i know i could, having done if over a 2 week stretch a time or two. The Virginia and North Caroline watermelons will be here soon too. Totally, heavenly sweet and juicy. What pleasures there are in abundance of juicy Fruit!

Breakfast: 7 mangos

Lunch: 1 mini watermelon, 32oz of OJ

Dinner: Non-sweet fruity salad with avocado sauce.

Spiritual bread: Galatians 1-3

Exercise: 200 push ups, 100 chins, 20 dips. 1.5 hours of basketball.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.