Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 83, 100% Fruitarian

Sunday, Day 83, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Another beautiful day today, low in the 80's with a warm breeze. My caloric intake was higher than normal (normal for these days) today because i ate both one avocado and some durian. According to nutadiary, which i do use to log my intake, durian throws the whole carb/protein/fat ratio out the window. So be If i could, i would just live on durian. i love it that much. i have never tasted anything quite like it. Today's meals were:

One mini watermelon and 5 bananas.


Large bowl of zucchini spaghetti, with chopped tomato and celery with raisins. Covered in mango-avocado sauce.......Delicious.

about 450 grams of Durian.

i was able to obtain some juicy mineola oranges today for a cheap price. i will probably eat about 3 or 4 of those later after i exercise.

i have been getting into isometrics lately. i did about 15 minutes this morning and will do some more this evening.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


Saturday, Day 82, 100% Raw Fruitarian

It was a beautiful day today.

After Brunch i went out for a nature walk. Air, sunshine and exercise.

i had one of these for breakfast and one in the evening (about 1200 calories total).

This was the non-sweet fruit salad for Dinner. Those two dark green things are one zucchini and one cucumber. The spices in the background are curry, basil, oregano and red pepper. These were added to the sauce and to the salad (the red pepper was not in the salad).

The next picture is the sauce that i made prior to blending. i juiced the oranges and put that in the blender with the rest of the products

This was brunch. About 350 calories

This was the finished dinner product (sauce and salad combined). About 900 calories.

Grace and peace be multiplied.