Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 239, Fruitarian

Tuesday, Day 239, Fruitarian. Some more changes. We have so much fruit from this past weekend, that my wife and two daughters decided to go 100% Raw until at least Friday. So for me, that meant i was not going to be eating any peanuts, because i didn't want to be the one to throw them off. Also, they are eating some "raw gourmet". Things such as raw sprouted lentil patties, raw tacos and raw "cheese" cake. With the exception of the cake, i partook of that fare. This means that i have had some salt because i know both the tacos and the patties have salt in them. But at least we are all raw together at this point so its no problem to me. Our weekend Raw potluck festivities were fantastic. As i alluded, our guests brought so much fruit that we didn't know where to put it all. We must of had at least 6 large watermelons, not including cantaloupes, peaches, grapes and a dear sister in Christ brought us about 20lbs of garden fresh tomatoes. A tremendous blessing. The fellowship was very rich and all parties are looking forward for our September get together. My Lord Christ is good to us for sure.

My knee is at least 95% as i am doing one leg squats, playing ball and generally going back to normal. i have not started jogging again yet, but i am planning on doing that next week. i just want to be cautious so as to not have any more setbacks. Otherwise my workouts are going on tremendously (although i still cannot perform a regular muscle-up, it will come in time. Of that i am confident). The bible speaks much on the subject of patience. i realize that, not only am i severely lacking in this area, but the majority of humans i have been in contact with are as well. Lack of this precious grace brings frustration, anxiety and bad decisions. An abundance of patience will cause all of those negative traits to disappear. This journey is helping me greatly with patience, mostly because i am more connected to the Source of it all. Also, i am finding myself waking up much earlier, like between 4-5am most days. This is especially true when my fruit intake is above 3500 calories. My body seems to just teem with energy in the morning.

Today, i ate like a king although i did not work out at all. i thought it best to rest my muscles for a day. Here is how the day went.

5 bananas, 1/3 of a large watermelon, 1/2 of a delicious Durian. (1298 calories).

5 bananas, 6 guac sandwiches with lettuce and tomato. (1261 calories).

32oz of fruit smoothie, 1/4 of a durian, one peach, 1/2 mango, 4 bananas. (1624 calories).

1/3 of a large watermelon. (407 calories).

i took it easy today. But for the week so far i have done 500 pushups/100 chins/100 bar dips/90 one leg squats/30 tricep presses. i am well on pace for my weekly goals at this point.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.