Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 145, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Saturday, Day 145, 100% Raw Fruitarian. We had a raw potluck today. We didn't get as many visitors as we have had recently, but it was still sweet. A family who are brethren and sisters in Christ shared the meal and the day with us. It was restful, relaxed and peaceful. The type of day we all really needed as we all had a stressful week. The spread was fantastic. Raw mushroom burgers, raw cabbage rolls, onion rings, zucchini chips almond pate as well as fresh fruit and salad. i had a 20lb watermelon of which i ate about 75% of it for breakfast. Delicious. i am already a melon lover but as the days get warmer i can see the melon and myself will become closer. As usual i didn't workout on my day of rest. Here were the meals for today.

three quarters of a large watermelon (1017 calories).

Non-sweet fruity salad with tomatoes (3), cucumber, avocados (2), mango, bananas (2) and zucchini (1035 calories).

3 navel oranges. (206 calories)

2 navel oranges, one avocado (426 calories).

Exercise: none

Grace and Peace be multiplied.