Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 204, 100% Fruitarian

Tuesday, Day 204 100% Fruitarian. i was busy with work-related stuff today. i knew it wasn't going to be a very active day exercise-wise. i ate very well today. Two blisters came up on my toes from yesterday's activities. It was the running shoes, but i will have to work around that. i did a quick little workout of about 15 minutes consisting of one-arm pushups and tricep presses in the evening after dinner. Good enough for today. It was a beautiful day today; i am really enjoying the weather this summer more than ever. i truly believe its at least in part due to my high fruit consumption as it seems most conducive to warm weather. My legs felt wonderfully sore today, it actually feels good. Its strange, but it does...LOL. i tried some Jack fruit for the first time recently. i found the taste pleasant, but it seemed way too sweet for me. Sort of like the sweetness of a dried fruit. i decided to freeze it and use it in my pate when i make it. Here is how todays menu went:

Half a watermelon, 2 mangos. (947 calories).

Tomato-cucumber salad with almond pate. Interesting to note, i included some jack fruit in the pate today, turned out beautifully. (705 calories).

5 mangos. (673 calories).

Snack later:
28oz of fresh squeezed OJ. (357 calories).

5-10-5 one arm pushups (each arm), 5-5-5 tricep presses. 15 minutes.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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