Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 205, 100% Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 205, 100% Fruitarian. i wanted to jog today, but i had some painful blisters come up on my toes. So that was a no go, although i am determined to work around it so i am going to walmart and see what i can find to help. That left me with calistenics, which i don't mind in the least. i am in love with calistenics these days. Pushups of various types and angles, chins, dips, tricep presses, one leg squats, pull-ups....i am really enjoying these. My right knee was still alittle sore so i decided to rest the legs this week. i may attempt some free standing one leg squats on Thursday evening, but i will play that by ear. Had a good workout though. i ate very well also; i am so glad for mango season! i am so happy that when Christ banished Adam from the Garden of Eden, He did not take away his supply of fruit. What a blessing it is!

i also followed the advice of a friendly raw-blogger who suggested i make salt out of celery. i dehydrated the celery and ground it in the coffee grinder. Came out very well. So well that it caused me to get alittle creative. i dehydrated some zucchini and one clove of fresh garlic as well. i ground up some raw pumkin seed and put all that together. Delicious seasoning. i called it The Raw Remnant Veggie That is what will be going on my salads for awhile. It is giving me ideas for stuff like sweet peppers and jalepenos as well. Going to be fun.

Here is how todays meals went:

half a watermelon. (678 calories).

Tomato-cucumber salad with Veggie Seasoning and pate. (584 calories).

5 mangos. (673 calories).

Half a watermelon. (678 calories).

35 minutes...70 chins/35 tricep presses.......later 20 one armed pushups (each arm).

60 minutes of basketball......we played 5 games of 21 it was casual really not too strenous.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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