Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 203, 100% Fruitarian

Monday, Day 203, 100% Fruitarian. Very active day today. More active than i had planned actually. But i feel like Providence had it so. It was very good. i ate well, alittle more mono meals today, not planned but it worked well. i would like to be more of a mono meal person, but i don't want to force it to being. i'd like rather that it develops naturally. But there is no doubt that more often in recent days i am satisfied with a mono meal than in the past. i started the day with a 3 mile jog this morning at the park followed by 15 minutes of vigorous calistenics (chins & dips). i want to start running although my shoes are not the best because i want to get rid of this excess water in my system. i then went to work and came home for dinner. Having had a very good workout today and having ate well, i thought to settle down, check out the news events of the day on the net and basically chill. Then i received a phone call. It was my son calling from the park. Apparently, they needed another guy for a full court game and to coax me out, they were telling Joshua to "get that Old Man out here". Well, that did it. i thought i was setting myself up to get whipped being that i thought i was in for the night and having had a good workout. But i ran 5 full court games. My energy was really high and although i left my home sort of sluggishly, i really awakened once i started to sweat. It was great. So i really got a good workout today for sure and lost about 3lbs of the water. Here is how the meals went:

Half of a watermelon (678 calories).

7 valencia oranges. (415 calories).

tomato-cucumber salad with an avocado and cashew dressing..(873 calories).

Snack later:
bowl of cubbed cantaloupe and 3 mangos. (458 calories).

3 mile jog, 40 chins/pulls, 30 dips....60-90minutes of basketball.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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