Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 171, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 171, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i have been feeling run down this week. i believe its another detox. When i have been feeling nauseous and sick to my stomach in the mornings. i caught myself trying to blame something i ate. This is our standard reaction when we feel nauseous as humans, it must be the food. Well, usually it is, especially if you are eating cooked food. But when you are on all fruit, its very rarely the food, if ever. Its usually the body. Most people never recognize the amount of toxins in their system and are quick to blame raw fruit when they feel bloated, nauseous or generally uncomfortable. The fruit is doing what its supposed to do, the negative feeling we get is just our body trying to cleanse itself of what we previously indulged in. We may have forgotten about that bowl of ice cream, that burger, that fried greasy food or whatever we ate 5 years ago, but your body has not. It will remind you faithfully. This is a blessing that few realize, but if embraced will help us. Anyways, whenever i tried to eat something, it feels worse. This has affected my workouts this week as they have been decidedly lighter. As usual, i am just flowing with it. i trust my Heavenly Father who is leading me in the way i should go. Even in this detox, my lighter workouts are much better than previous to going fruitarian and definitely better then they ever were when i ate mostly cooked food. i am weighing in at 177lbs these days. i have not been this light since i was about 25 years old. Overall, i am 15-20lbs lighter than i was in mid-December when i started this journey. i have been have a serious taste for tomatoes this week. Can't get enough of them. i have been buying the highest quality available at the market and i am totally loving them. Today i ate 3 tomato-cucumber salads. Two of them with nut pate and the third with an avocado. This is unusual for me as i always eat more sweet fruit. i finished off the day with 8 valencia oranges (so delicious). Here is how it went down today:

2 bananas (they are making me sick at this point, its not them, its me). Tomato-cucumber salad with nut pate and papaya and one extra large tomato added. (913 calories).

Same as breakfast without the bananas. (671 calories).

Tomato-cucumber salad with an avocado, a third large tomato and 8 valencia oranges on the side. (984 calories).

box of 8 small, vine-ripened tomatos. (131 calories).

Was only able to go 10 minutes today. ....15 one leg squats (each leg), 33 chins, 80 pushups.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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