Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 167, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Sunday, Day 167, 100% Raw Fruitarian. It was one of those days. i had not intended that it should be so full of activity. But that is how it ended up. i ran myself ragged and at the end of the day, sleep was sweet release. It started when my wife and i decided to go for a four mile walk. We have not done our usual route in quite awhile. i had a few minutes to wait while she was getting ready so i decided to rep out a couple of sets of pushups. i did two sets of 80 for 160 total. That felt great. Then as we were going out, i wanted to stop by the park for a couple of minutes just to do some partial chins and some baby muscle ups. What i mean by "partial chins" is i seek to hold myself with my chin above the bar and keep pumping myself up to stay there. Its all part of my plan to do regular muscle ups. i did three sets of those and three sets of regular chins, then three sets of baby muscle ups. Now that with the pushups was a good workout. Then we proceeded to the 4 mile walk. We walked briskly and did the route in about an hour (alittle less). i came home and ate my non-sweet salad with pate. Then i went out to play basketball. Felt great for about an hour. Then i just sort of crashed. At the end of the second hour i had nothing left at all. Totally wiped. My son took full advantage of that by dusting me off pretty well (i will be back!). i was wondering why i was so wiped but as i look back at the day, it was pretty active. As i reviewed my intake i realize it wasn't enough for the day's activities. But then again, i wasn't very hungry either. Here were today's meals.

Half a watermelon. (678 calories)

tomato-cucumber salad with pate (517 calories).

Half a watermelon. 7 valencia oranges. (1093 calories).

2 sets of 80 pushups/3 sets of partial chins/3 sets of full chins/3 sets of baby muscle ups.....4 mile walk.......2 hours of basketball.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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