Monday, April 20, 2009

Days 124 & 125, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Weekend Review of Days 124 & 125, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i had a great weekend. i was greatly blessed. The weekend was so busy that i really did not have time to blog as i normally would. It seemed that the tone was set as i was out and mowing my lawn Friday morning before 8am. The Revelation bible studies online have started well. We had a very nice time in North Carolina on Saturday. After the service we had lunch in a very cute little park in a small town. It was a very bright and sunny day in the low 80s. There, in the midst of a delicious-looking vegan lunch complete with homemade biscuits, chickpea spread, potato salad and a large green salad, sat my durian. People kept wanting to touch it and kept saying "its like a porcupine"....LOL. A couple of people were brave enough to taste alittle but i had it all to myself. Which of course i didn't mind at all. On Sunday, at the Asian market i was also able to obtain 32 of the most delicious mangos. 20 of them were the small variety from Costa Rica. i wish i could have gotten more, but i was very thankful for the bounty i received. My wife made me give her my word that i would not buy another durian until next weekend. i reluctantly agreed. i did have such a taste for one on Sunday and i would have bought one if she had not interceded.

The reason she feels that way makes sense. A Durian is basically one meal. For the cost of a Durian i could buy a case of the mangos (which i did) and that will last us 3 days. So the Durian is a weekend treat. i was blessed because in the last 7 days, i have had four of them so i didn't complain when she made me promise not to buy another one this weekend. But they are so good! Funny thing, the one i ate on Friday night weighed alittle less than 6 pounds, but it had more flesh in it than the bigger one i ate on Saturday. My wife and children also noticed this. i hope to be able to spot the ones with the best flesh by a trained eye in time. i am so glad its Durian season. The sermon i was impressed to give on Saturday was entitled "When knowledge is not enough". It was designed to impress the hearers with the need for experience in their beliefs rather than relying on theory. i am gaining a tremendous experience in the 4+ months i have been fruitarian. i am really enjoying the journey overall for sure.

On sunday i played basketball with my son and some young guys for a couple of hours. The kids noted how i seemed to have alot of energy and was able to play a long time. i even was able to do sets of chins between games. i cannot adequately express how good this lifestyle is making me feel both physically and spiritually. It has to be experienced to understand really.

Overall, i didn't mark well my meals this weekend, but i know i ate about 3000 plus calories on both Saturday and Sunday. i ate whole watermelons, mangos and of course Durian. i am blogging this on Monday and i will give a more detailed account of today's activities and meals when the day ends.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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