Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 123, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Friday, Day 123, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Good day today, it was in the high 70s and sunny. The bible study went well this evening. Also, i ate a Durian. Well, one of my durian didn't make it quite to the weekend. i had it for dinner this evening. i still have one more. Oh, it was sooo delicious. My wife had some and my daughter had a choice between my wife's homemade peanut butter-oatmeal cookies (kids are wild about them) and durian. She gladly gave her share of cookies to her sister for the Durian. She is just as hooked as i am! This one was shaped differently, it wasn't very symetrical. But it seemed to contain more fruit than any other one i have had. i had a nice bowl full. Today's meals were simple, yet very calorie-dense. Here they were:

Half a large watermelon, 2 large bananas (920 calories).

2 large bananas (242 calories).

Half a large watermelon, one avocado (967 calories)

the majority of one Durian (885 calories).

today i got out early in the morning and pushed my lawn-mower for 2.5 hours over an acre of land. That was a good workout!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.

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