Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 122, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 122, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i ate well today and i had a tremendous workout. i am wondering if i should use eat workout to focus either on upper body or lower body the way the bodybuilders do. i may try that with the bodyweight workouts i am doing. But i have always been careful to keep a balance in my workouts, which is why i usually do both in the same workout. But i noticed that i did 200 pushups today and 62 chins during my 30 minute workout. i did this while also doing the one leg squats and i wondered if i had used that time and energy towards the upper body, how much more could i have done? i also did 100 of those squats and i wondered if i just did those and sissy squats, how many could i do in a 20 minute workout? i may try it and alternate days. Today, i didn't use the raisins or the celery in the non-sweet salad. i used alot of tomatoes (yummy) and papaya and i added cucumber. Here are today's meals:

One half of a large watermelon, 3 large bananas (1041 calories).

Non-sweet fruity salad consisting of: one large vine-ripened tomato, 4 roma tomatoes, one half of a large papaya, one medium fuji apple. i made the avocado-banana sauce from: 5 large bananas, one-half an avocado (ate the other half), 6oz of fresh squeezed OJ, with homemade curry and basil (which i also sprinkled on the salad) and some cayenne pepper. Behold, it was very good. (1458 calories)

i had this after my workout. 18oz of OJ, 2 tangerines (thanks FG), 2 clementines.

Exercise: 30 minute workout. 200 pushups, 62 chins/pullups, 100 one leg squats.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.



  1. Where in the world do you find Durian's? I'm in NYC, it should be easy, but I've never seen one at any of our health food stores. Perhaps I need to look closer.

  2. Hello there FrugalWoman. You have to go to the Asian Markets. In china town you will find them abundantly i am sure. No health food store will sell them as they are really germaine to the asian culture. i am certain that in NYC you will have no problem finding them in the asian markets. May you enjoy your first experience (smile).

    Grace and Peace be multiplied.