Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 121, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 121, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Was very pleasantly surprised today in that i was able to obtain a nice bunch of Durian. Without going into details, i obtained some funds from a surprise source that allowed me to pay a bill and get this delicious fruit. i bought two, nice durians about 7lbs apiece and i got two boxes of the frozen pods. The plan is to bring one of the whole fruit with me on Saturday as i am scheduled to preach in North Carolina, have the other one for either Saturday night or sunday and eat the frozen pods tonight (yippee!). My wife didn't want any so my youngest daughter and myself (the only remaining durian-lovers) destroyed those two boxes of pods. i had to stop myself from going after the other fruit and save it for the weekend. i also got two regular sized watermelons and some other fruit and supplies. Very good day indeed. The only thing i was missing were those mangos and the asian market won't have any until Friday at the earliest. So hopefully that will be another weekend treat. Admittedly, i am getting tired of the non-sweet fruity salads. i am slightly modifying them now. For example, now i don't want any raisins in it. i am probably going to ditch the celery too after today. i really just want the whole fruit. i am so glad that spring and summer are coming because its perfect timing for the things i really want to get into eating now. Sweet melons, sweet peaches, mangos, bananas, avocado and fresh juicy tomatoes. i am glad i started this journey in the winter and now its past with summer coming on. i believe i am really going to enjoy the fare and it will be interesting to see how my body, mind and spirit develop.

Here are today's meals.

3 navel oranges, one avocado, 6 roma tomatoes, 2 bananas (804 calories).

Non-sweet fruity salad with avocado-banana sauce. about 450g of Durian. (1727 calories).

Exercise: none today.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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