Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 120, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Tuesday, Day 120, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Now i am at the 4 month point. Seems like nothing in terms of time. Like i am still at the very beginning and just getting started. That's probably because it is indeed the very beginning and i am just getting started. But i am in a flow now in terms of foodstuffs. Meaning that, although i still get cravings for crazy things like fried chicken or fried fish, the likelihood of me eating anything cooked or not fruit is pretty remote. i am also really craving fruit that is fresh and juicy, its just that i cannot always get it in the quantity i want. That seems to be the most difficult issue. i ate the most amazing mangos a couple of days ago, there were 12 of them of which i think i ate 8 or 9. i could easily have eaten 20 of them with no problem. i am thriving on this diet right now, but i believe at this stage of my journey i would be even higher with more abundant, high quality fruit. Now my weight is fluctuating usually between 180-182lbs. i believe i am headed to the 170s the way i am feeling in my person. My workouts are getting better and better. i look forward to running again and hope to start soon. Layers of spiritual, emotional, mental and phyisical pollutants are still falling off of me. i don't know how long it will take to finish (if it ever does, i don't think it does), but i am enjoying each step.

i hate to sound like a broken record, but my mind is still getting more and more clarity. i really am happy about that above all, the spiritual clarity. My life during this journey has been like a pressure cooker, usually, its emotional pressure and upheaval that cause people to give up wanted lifestyle changes. i am no different, but i know the power of Grace from Heaven for myself. This is the only thing keeping me during this journey. Not just on this diet, but in all ways. To know that angels walk with me, stand by me. To know that all Heaven is watching me to see my development. To know my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Saviour are in the Most Holy Place ordering all things for my highest good. These thoughts keep me.

i feel like i ate like a fruitarian pig today. When i look at my caloric intake for today, it wasn't even 2400 calories. i believe its because i ate 3 avocadoes today and i ate my last meal very late. Here are today's meals:

3 navel oranges, 3 delicious mangos (the last 3), one avocado (898 calories)

non-sweet fruity salad with plantain-avocado sauce. The difference today is that i didn't use any raisins. That cut down my calories, but i just wasn't into them today. (809 calories).

4 roma tomatoes. (45 calories)

6 roma tomatoes, one avocado, 2 navel oranges, one banana (615 calories).

Exercise: 30 minutes of calistenics this morning..80 one legged squats, 160 pushups, 76 chins/pullups

20 minutes more in the evening: 125 chair dips, 12 one arm pushups, 14 clap pushups.

Announcement: We will be having a study on the Book of Revelation, online, starting Friday, April 17, 2009. It will begin at 9pm EST. We will study the Prophecies on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evenings). The study will take place at it will be under the Christianity section. The Room is titled "The Last Days of Earth's History". We will be recording the studies to mail out for free to whosoever wants them.

Grace and Peace be Multiplied.



  1. Thank you for listing the foods that you eat and their caloric value.

    How can I determine the caloric value of the fruits I eat?

  2. i use the site,
    By no means do i believe this is an exact science, but just a general idea of the caloric intake. They do not list all the fruits (for example, if i eat a clementine, i would have to substitute a tangerine on their list because they don't list clementines). But it does give a general idea.

    Grace and Peace be multiplied.