Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 118, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Sunday, Day 118, 100% Raw Fruitarian. They say when it rains, it pours. i have found that to be true. My life seems to be made of a long series of feast or famine. This weekend can definitely be characterized as feast. After the terrific day of spiritual renewal, fellowship and delicious raw food yesterday, today was even richer on the food front. With some of the offering we received, i got permission from my queen to inquire at the asian market for durian. Well, you know that made me very happy in an of itself. It was a very nice and sunny day, so i also promised my son that i would be out to play some basketball with him. So i hopped in my car and gleefully went to the asian market. i figured since it is now spring, there should be more availability of durian. Even if they didn't have any, i knew another asian market that always seemed to have it in frozen pods in a box. When i walked into the store, it was quiet, the nice cambodian lady who co-owns the store was in the back tending to something.

My eyes almost immediately rested upon stacks of very delicious-looking mangos in cases. i knew i would have to purchase one of those. i then proceeded to the large freezer where i knew they kept the Durian when they had them. i lifted the lid and lo, about 10, whole, delicious durian! i grabbed two of them, not knowing how much they were going to cost me. Then i grabbed a case of those mangos. She was selling the Durian for $1.99 per pound and the case of 12 mangos was $14.50. i had her weigh the Durian, one of them was $14 and the other $11. At first i thought i would get one of the Durian and the mangos, but i could not make up my mind. i asked her if she would let me sample one of the mangos to help me make up my mind (LOL). This she gladly did. As she began to slice the mango and i saw the golden color and dripping juice i knew this was going to be special. Indeed it was, as i was thoroughly enjoying the most sweet and juicy mango i had eaten in about 3 years, i told her ring up everything. So it came to alittle over $40. She told me that they would soon be getting jackfruit as well. i was so happy, i went out to my car and left my keys on her counter. i didn't realize this until i got to the car, at which point the nice lady was right behind me, my keys in hand, chuckling because she saw my joy. No non-sweet fruity salad today for me, my dinner would be very special. i ate more today then i usually would, because i could more than anything else. What a joy good fruit is to my soul! It makes my heart glad indeed. My meals were:

At about 8am i personal watermelon, one avocado (831 calories).

Lunch was on the run today:
i ate that mango at the Asian market (about 2pm), then about 20 minutes later i sampled a Roma tomato at Walmart, then about 20 minutes after that i ate 2 vine-ripened tomatos purchased at Walmart. (190 calories total).

After returning home with the bounty, i proceeded to the basketball courts. It was a good day for me, not so good for my 17 year old son and his 20 year old buddy. (LOL).

After i finished playing ball and having alittle extra exercise (i will explain in a moment), i went home and ate dinner. It was later than i usually eat (about 5:30pm). The Durian was still frozen, so i couldn't eat it yet. This of course was disappointing. But i had a good dinner anyways.

one personal Watermelon (my second of the day) and three of those most delicious mangos. (1217 calories).

i had finished my online Bible study and by then one of the Durians was sufficiently thawed for consumption, and consume i did. It was late (after 10:30 pm), but that did not stop me. i ate,

One whole Durian, one roma tomato, two mangos. (1176 calories).

Totally delicious and fruity day.

When i arrived at the park, prior to going over to the courts, i went to the playground. i wanted to attempt a power-up. i could not do even one of them. Even though it was the first time in my life i attempted one, i was still disappointed. This presented me with a challenge. i want to be able to achieve 10 of them by July 1. Goals like this are fun for me. So i went and played 2 hours or so of basketball. It was a good workout. i beat my son in two games of one-on-one full court. Then i beat his friend in one game of one-on-one half court. Then we played about 8 games of 21 of which i won 6. They said i was just lucky...LOL.

After that i went back to the playground and did four quick sets of 5 (two sets of chins, two sets fo pullups). Then went home for dinner. If only all weekends could be like this, but alas, i will take them when i can get them and be thankful when they come.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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