Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 117, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Saturday, Day 117, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Wonderful and blessed day today. We had a Raw potluck in the afternoon and in the morning we had a fellowship/worship in our home with some like believers. We had planned the potluck, not having the resources for it, but the Lord provided wonderfully. We received plenty of raw foodstuffs and my wife prepared raw tacos, raw "tuna" as well as a large salad. A raw sister in Christ brought some dehydrated raw gourmet. She made raw eggplant chips with raw onion rings. She also brought some cooked walnut burgers and we made bulgar wheat. My wife had plenty of sprouted lentils as well for the tacos. People brought me watermelons, papayas and other fruits and we also got a surprise monetary offering. It was a day of total blessings. i made a non-sweet fruit salad and banana-avocado sauce. People were too stuffed to eat my salad but they wanted my sauce. i was glad i had some for myself! We also had very fruitful spiritual conversation. It was rich. All the troubles i have been dealing with are more than worth it for one day like this. We are planning another one on May 9th.

My meals today were:
4 bananas, 2 tangerines, 2 navel oranges (661 calories). That was the last of the case of bananas we bought 10 days ago. But now, i will be able to buy another one!

Non-sweet fruity salad with chives and the aforementioned banana-avocado sauce. One other avocado i ate while preparing it. (1229 calories).

snack of 6-7 Roma tomatoes. (67 calories).

none today.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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