Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 105, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Monday, Day 105, Raw Fruitarian. i ate very well today. i have to look up what food category chives are in, i would guess they are an herb. Well, they really added a nice zest to my dinner today. What a great blessing that they grow all over my yard and the neighborhood! i tell you the truth, one of life's great pleasures (at least for me), is a satisfying meal. Especially after a hard day. i am so happy that i am at the point where a bowl of non-sweet fruit with no salt is extremely satisfying to me. i still use herbs obviously, but getting off the salt is huge for me at this time. Here are todays meals:

9 valencia oranges, 2 mangos. (803 calories)

10 valencia oranges, 2 bananas, 3/4 of a pineapple (973 calories)

Large non-sweet fruity salad with banana-avocado sauce. (1043 calories)

Exercise: 4 mile power walk.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.



  1. Hey Todd,
    Your blog is really inspiring to me. Im kind of copying you on mine. Hope you dont mind :)
    Just curious where your day 1 to day 60 are on your journey. Id love to read about it. Also, i was wondering what your non sweet fruit salad is, and is your banana avocado sauce just those two ingredients mixed?
    Well anyways. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Hello Chelsie,

    i am very happy that my blog helps you in any way. i dont mind at all if you want to copy it. i didn't start blogging until about the 4th day. Those days can be found on www.iheartfruit.com

    Regarding the non-sweet fruit, it varies slightly depending on what i have available. Generally, there are always, tomatos, cucumber, raisins & celery in them. After that i sometimes add papaya, apple, raw plantain, or sweet peppers. Last night for example, this was the salad:

    2 golden delicious apples
    1.5 red tomatoes
    3 large stalks of celery
    quarter cup of raisins
    1 cucumber
    raw chopped chives
    one-half of one avocado
    i season it with curry, basil, oregano to taste.

    The sauce was made of:
    The top portions of the celery (3 tops)
    the juice of two valencias (about 8oz)
    half an avocado
    2 bananas
    quarter cup of raisins.
    i also put curry, red pepper, basil and a sprinkle of oregano in that then blend it all. i find it delicious (and hot...lol).

    The sauces i make generally have juice of either oranges, apples or pineapple in them. i used to use lime or lemon, but i didnt like it as much as this. i usually put some celery and raisins in it also. Other than that i use different things such as avocado (like this time), plantain, papaya, cucumber, sweet peppers and other things depending on what's available. i always use curry (i love it).

    Grace and Peace be multiplied.