Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 104, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Sunday, Day 104, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Life can be very interesting. The walk of faith even more so. There is pain in the growth in grace and the crucifixion of self, but there are also many joys and amusements. Case in point, it is now Monday as i am blogging this. i am blogging events as of yesterday (sunday). i have not blogged in several days because my internet and phone are out. i am blogging this from my office. The last time i blogged, i had received a box of valencia oranges from a dear sister in Christ just as i had run out of fruit to eat. The box actually had 100 oranges in it. Friday, i went to the library to check my emails and lo, a dear soul gave a $100 contribution to us which bought us groceries for the weekend. It is a challenge for sure, but in a strange way it is also fun and amusing. Just seeing how we get provided for in times of need is amazing. These days it seems every day is a challenge and i never know what to expect. Who needs to watch TV when i have real life drama? So i (and my family) ate well this weekend. With our newfound wealth i also purchased another case of those valencias (i found out they were $25 per case, a tremendous deal in these parts), which i obtained on sunday. i had a great workout today. The best one so far as a fruitarian. i have had better on my raw journey, but i can definitely tell that i will be reaching new heights because of the effects of fruitarianism. Here was today's menu:

14 valencia oranges. What i am doing is slicing them up into quarters and sucking what i can out of them. They are delicious. i feel like i took some sort of energy pill every time i eat them. We have found that 4 of them produce 16oz of juice, so i had nearly 48oz worth. Very good. (830 calories)

Delicious non-sweet fruity salad with a small twist. As we were doing our 4 mile walk today, we noticed that one of the natural blessings of southern virginia have started springing up all over. Chives. They have a onion-like smell but much lighter. We plucked up a few handfuls and i began eating them. They tasted salty to me, like onion-garlic potato chips. Of course this made me eat more of them (LOL). i added them to my salad as well as my sauce (Banana-orange juice-avocado), very good indeed. i also ate one extra avocado. They really help with calories when food is low. They taste good too (smile). (1142 calories).

7 valencia oranges (415 calories)

4 mile brisk walk. Then i did my 20 minute workout. In the 20 minutes this time i was able to complete: 200 pushups, 30 chin-ups, 60 one legged squats (per leg). Not bad and still improving.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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