Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 106, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Tuesday, Day 106, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Another day of drama and intrigue. What else is new? Sometimes one phone call or email can really be something. Both for good and for evil. It can either cause such rejoicing that one walks on air the rest of the day or it can cause one to hold up the shield of faith with both hands and all the soul. The latter was the case today. But, praise my kind Father in Heaven and my loving Saviour, i made it. i ate very well today. Lunch was provided by a prospect on the road in the form of two large, spotted bananas. Delicious. No time for exercise today, but i will definitely catch up on that front. Besides, my triceps are still sore from sunday. Very good feeling that soreness from reaching the muscle deeply. Today's menu was:

12 valencia oranges, one banana. (816 calories)

2 large bananas. (242 calories)

Large non-sweet fruity salad with chopped chives and avocado-banana sauce. (1162 calories)

Exercise: none.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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