Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010.....Day 117

Day 117 of the Fruit Feast. Had a terrific struggle with salt cravings yesterday. It was very bad. So bad that i actually started contemplating ending this thing. But i thank the Lord i didn't. i mean, i was craving stuff like steak and eggs or  a large cheeseburger. The crazy thing was, i have not eaten beef in about 25 years and i never had steak and eggs together in my life! It was really crazy. What i did though was i made a non-sweet salad and instead of the usual i put some raw cashew pieces thru the Champion juicer and made some butter. Then i added lemon juice and celery juice to it. It was good. The problem was i put way too much nuts into it and i nearly got sick. i could not even finish half my salad. i felt like just curling up and calling it a night. But my son wanted me to play some ball so i went out to the park. i felt terrible but the running and jumping somehow helped my system.

Going forward i am not sure how this is going to play out. But i am determined to continue on this fruity path so we move on. Of course, i am feeling extremely fit and energetic. Its just i am a salt addict. My wife saw me struggle and actually wanted me to put some in my salad but i refused. i am glad though that not only didn't i have the salt, at this point, i have not used any seasonings at all. Not that i think seasonings are a bad thing, but i would like to have my taste buds cleansed so that they are not so perverted. i may go to them in the future, but not right now. i mean, i may even go back to salt but i pray not. i really like the way i am feeling right now and i don't want to lose it. Well, we move forward.

Yesterday was a good day other than the salt craving attack. i did 440 push ups and 112 chins in about 40 minutes. Then i laid the law down on my son in basketball beating him 4 games to 1. We play 7 game series and he won the first three series we played this spring. That left him pretty confident and he said i would not win a series all summer. Well, on sunday i won a tough one that went the 7th game in overtime. But yesterday i just was too much for the kid. So now, instead of i won't win at all, he says i won't catch up to him (i need to win one more series and its tied). i warned him that i am not even in shape yet.....(smile). Today was an easy day workout-wise. i was on the road so i did a quick workout. i am over the thousand  push-up plateau for the week but i want to reach 1200. Should easily do it tomorrow by God's grace.

Breakfast: half a watermelon

lunch: 2 mangoes.

Dinner: 1 mango, 40oz of cantaloupe-mango-tangerine juice.

i was sort of eating light today to give my system a rest from yesterday's debacle.

Spiritual bread: 2 Chronicles 20-25

Exercise: 185 push ups, 32 chins.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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