Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010.....Day 121

Day 121 of the Fruit Feast. i have to say, i had a tremendous weekend. Sabbath was so very sweet with the fellowship of all our brothers and sisters in Christ in addition to some guests. We had a picnic in a very nice park and it was a beautiful day for it. We got into the Word of God and the Spirit was among us as witnessed by all present. Then on Sunday we had a surprise 50th birthday party for my wife. It took about a month of planning and we did it about a week and a half after her actual birthday so she would really be surprised. She had no idea and it was worth it all just to see the look on her face when she walked into the kitchen and saw many family and friends yelling "Suprise!". It was totally a wonderful experience. But with all the festivity i fell off the salt wagon.

There was so much delicious vegan and raw gourmet vegan food there. i could not eat of my wife's birthday cake so i ate some of the raw cheesecake a sister was kind enough to make for her and i ate some of the raw cabbage rolls. The cabbage rolls had braggs liquid aminos in them. Of course they were delicious and while i was still 100% raw i still feel like i slipped since i didn't want to use the salt at all. i am not sure how i will proceed at this point but i do know i want to stay 100% raw. That should not be too difficult (well it hasn't been to this point), but i will probably use some salt in salad seasonings and may partake in some raw food called "raw gourmet" by those in the raw food movement. As i was contemplating what happened and its affects, i realized that another thing i had cravings for which also caused me to leave off 100% raw was grains.

All my favorite foods that are not cooked are grain foods. Bulgar wheat, rice, ezekiel bread, unleavened bread for pizza, popcorn....etc. These i still want to forsake in order to stay 100% Raw. i came to the realization last year that whenever i eat the grains, within 24 hours i feel mucous forming in my system. Even though i love them they do not like me. That is the last line of defense for me staying 100% raw and i really want to stay raw. So now that i have fallen off the salt wagon, i am determined to hang on and not fall off the raw wagon completely.

Today, i had my wife's raw italian dressing on my non-sweet salad (which contains salt). i may just be in trouble here but i hope not. Time will certainly tell.

As far as my body, i still feel tremendous with very high energy. Had a great workout today.

Breakfast: 4 mangoes, 32oz Watermelon-mango-cantalope juice.

Lunch: non-sweet fruit salad with raw italian sauce. 36oz cantalope-orange juice.

Dinner: 40oz Watermelon-mango-cantalope juice.

Spiritual bread: 2Chronicles 28-32, Hebrews 1&2

Exercise: 500 push-ups, 120 chins....53 minutes.

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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