Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 234, Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 234, Fruitarian. Very good day today. So good that i was suspicious. i mean, our ministry received unexpected donations and also regular donations that were more than expected. i was able to witness for Christ to a couple who, was excited about the prospect of visiting our Raw Remnant potluck this weekend. i don't know too many things that give such a warm feeling as when a person tells you, that you are an answer to prayer. The CDs the Lord has us sending out are being made a blessing to the hearers. All these things made for a very sweet day. i didn't work out in the morning because of scheduling, but i did in the evening. Excellent workout as i did dips and chins between basketball games. Combining cardio with resistance training is something else.

Here are today's fare and activities.

1/3 watermelon, 3 bananas, 1/4 cup peanuts. (977 calories).

7 bananas, 6 sandwiches made from guac (2 avocados), chopped tomatoes with cucumber all seasoned. (1444 calories).

1/3 watermelon, 3 clementines, 3 bananas, one mango. (1036 calories).

100 chins/75 bar dips.....60 minutes of basketball.

For the week:
1000 pushups (200 one arm)/285 chins/260 bar dips/110 tricep presses/290 one leg squats.

i won't be posting on Friday as i will be very busy so......

Have a wonderful Weekend!!

Grace and Peace be multiplied.


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